jueves, 8 de noviembre de 2012


At the end of the video, a red doll appeared. Some days later, a young girl, called Olivia sees that doll, and she finds very strange that a doll looks exactly like her when she hasn’t ever been in that street. So she looked to the other side of the street, she saw many names in there, but the one she found more curious was the Alma’s one, she came closer to the wall and a wild noise appeared in the house behind her, she saw that the doll wasn’t there!, she tried to think other things, ‘It’s only your imagination, Olivia, don’t worry’, so she started to look at the wall again; names were disappearing while she was looking at them, and, at the end, only two names were drawn in the wall, Alma’s name and… her own name!, she started feeling curious about this strange situation, so she decided to enter in the strange house. When she entered, she heard a Christmas’ terror song and she saw there were many dolls over there, the door behind her started to closeg, but she saw it and put a stone, so the door can not be closed unless she threw the stone. A doll in a bicycle went out the house while Olivia was searching for the strange doll, that was near she was. Olivia came closer, but she saw some dolls, some scary dolls and she walked away from the red doll. Suddenly, many dolls started to come closer where Olivia was, she couldn’t escape from , but, a miracle happened, the Alma’s doll and Olivia’s looked at each other and Alma became a normal kid again, the dolls were paralyzed, but Olivia looked at all of them and they became children again, except one of them, the red one, who started to disappear.
Olivia, Alma, and the other dolls went out and started singing all together a happy Christmas’ song.

Alicia Sosa Siverio, 4º ESO A.

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