lunes, 21 de noviembre de 2011


Are you ready for a challenge? Would you like to discover a treasure? If you answer ‘yes’ to the previous questions, you will be capable of solving this TREASURE HUNT.
Which city or place is hidden under these descriptions?

Text A ______________

‘ Its rhythms, born in Cuba, nurtured in NYC can be heard in bars, on buses, along the avenues of Juanchito and Plaza Caicedo. The salsotecas don’t get busy until midnight so instead I stop at a restaurant serving typical Colombian food: sancocho – a stew made with chunks of beef , vegetables and plantain[…]’

Text B______

‘The island is famed for its diverse landscape . You can find magnificent mountains, long stretches of Mediterrranean coastline. The island belongs to France but it has an atmosphere all of its own. A good place to start is Ajaccio[…]’

Text C____

‘ On the first day , Thabo takes me to the posh areas:suburbs with unpronounceable names -Tamboerskloof and Oranjezicht- from where you can watch the sun go down on Africa. The views are stunning’

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  1. One clue for text B... if you like pizza you should visit this country.

  2. As no one has answered yet... Here are the answers.

    Text A Cali
    Text B Corsica

    Text C Cape Town

    Merry Christmas!!!!!